Should you list your prices on your Website?

There are 2 trains of though about whether you should include you prices on a website:  Include them  or  Skip them . But have you ever thought about which option is most effective at making sales? Click through to find out whether or not you should include your pricing on your website, along with the actual reasons why it is better for your business |

A saw a question come up in a Facebook group last week about whether it is a good idea to include your prices on your website or not. This is clearly a topic that struck a chord with people... The debate was intense!

There are 2 trains of through on this, and people definitely seem to fall on one side of the fence or the other:

  1. Include your prices

  2. Skip them and leave the pricing conversation until later

So, which is the best option?

I’m #TeamPrices, and it’s not just based on personal opinion, either. Including your prices on your website can help get people taking action, and we all want our dream clients signing up to work with us!

Not convinced? Keep reading to find out why including prices on your website is a good thing!


If you don’t show prices, people will assume you’re too expensive

Imagine this... You’re in the City shopping and head into a new boutique you’ve never noticed before. You love everything about the place.... The decor, the clothes, the super friendly staff.

While browsing, you see a handbag you absolutely adore! The perfect, soft leather with amazing details in the cute latch and stitching, and better still, it’s in a colour that will match what you already have in your wardrobe. You can think of a least 5 outfits you’d use it with, and want to take it out on date night tomorrow night.

You go to check the price and there’s no price tag. You look at the next one, and still no price tag. You look at the purse on the shelf in front, and you guessed it... No price tag again!

That’s when it clicks... It’s one of THOSE places! You know, the ones that don’t show their prices because you can’t afford anything in the store anyway.

So you put the handbag back down and make a beeline for the door. There goes the amazing bag for date night!

When your client goes to your service page and doesn’t see a price, they will think the same thing and expect the worst. And if your prices aren’t actually that high end, you could be losing potential clients due to this assumption, and that’s not good for business.


Not making things easy for potential clients will push them to go somewhere that does

Now, let’s look at this from a different perspective.

You’ve looking for a wedding photographer for your big day. You’re super excited about getting hitched, you’ve picked the perfect location, and the most stunning dress ever! Now, you need an amazing photographer to capture the magic.

You start looking online and can see there are 8 photographers that work in the area of your wedding venue. So many great options to pick from!

You start looking through their portfolios so you can find the photographer that is the perfect fit for your vision, and you see that 5 of them have amazing portfolios that you love, and you would be so excited to work with any of them.

Of these 5 photographers, 3 have prices on their website, and 2 of these are in the perfect budget range.

Which photographers are YOU likely to reach out to?

Most people will go for the easy option and choose between the 2 photographers that are within their price range. If you don’t make it easy for your potential clients to see the information they need to work with you, you’ll likely lose out in a comparison game like this.

It can be stressful enough looking for a service provider, and we all have short attention spans and long to do list these days, so who wants the extra steps and delays of needing to send an email and wait for a response?

And here’s another thing to think about... If you’re making it hard for potential clients to make a decision this early on, they make start thinking about how hard it would be to work with you in the future once they’re already laid down some of their hard earned cash, and if they were already on the fence, this would be enough to make them say bye bye! 


You can save youself and your potential client a whole lot of time

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is always overflowing. It is hard enough to keep up with on a good day, and the last thing I want is to add in a heap of back and forth emails about whether someone can afford my services!

If someone knows my starting prices right away, we both save some time by avoiding unnecessary emails because your website visitors will know right away if you’re in their price range or not.

Any time spent out of my inbox sounds like #winning to me!

Another bonus to this? You save yourself time from hopping on calls with people who genuinely can’t afford your service as well!


You can skip the awkward pricing conversation

Anyone else find those conversations about pricing super awkward? I know it’s can’t be just me!

Think about how great it would be to avoid those conversations because the person booking a call with you already knows the starting price for your services.

Even if you do have prices that genuinely change, you could always include a “starting at” or “average investment” price range instead, so that people have the ability to prequalify themselves about whether they can afford your service.

And for those of you that do actually like to get people on the phone to show your value before telling them the price (you do exist out there, right?!?), think back to the first point above... Did you bother finding out the price of that amazing handbag?

Nope, you assumed it was too expensive and made a beeline out the door.

It’s true that you may find a few people that are so in love with the work you do that they’ll book a call with you, but the majority of people won’t bother. And when you jump on those calls you did manage to book, there will be people who can’t afford it not matter what price your services are at, which can be super awkward!

If you’re new to business, putting yourself out there for these sales calls can be challenging enough, so why add to your discomfort? Why not save yourself some time to work on marketing to the people who can afford you instead of getting on the phone with people who aren’t serious or can’t afford it?

Chances are if you think the conversation is awkward, so will the person on the other end of the phone, especially if they are in a position where they can’t afford you and then have to come up with an excuse about why. They’ll likely already feel defeated that they’re too broke to pay what you’re after, and then they are left feeling bad for wasting your time on top of that.


What if I don’t want to include my prices?

I totally get the resistance to putting your prices on your website. I was right there with you when I first launched my website! It can be a scary thing to put yourself out there in that way.

There are 2 main reasons I see people not including prices on their website:

  1. Fear they will scare people off

  2. Lack of confidence in what they do and their pricing

As you can see above, you’re more likely to scare people off by not having prices, but if you’re in the camp of not feeling confident in what you do and your pricing, I have a few tips you can try:

  • Get to know your ideal client: You want to know your idea client, their pain points and the transformation they want so well that all of your marketing speaks directly to them. This will only happen through market research and speaking with people, so start jumping on market research calls. Added bonus of these calls - if that if your service is a good fit for someone, you can practice pitching in a low stress situation

  • Define what makes you different to your competition: There might be 100 other coaches that do what you do, but how are you different to them? Do you only work with a particular type of client? Is your signature offer structured differently to theirs? Do you run your sessions in a different format? Use these differences to your advantage and get clear on your messaging so you will stand out to potential clients

  • Speak to your past clients for case studies and testimonials: When you see the transformation you have given your past clients, you will build confidence around what you do and have evidence to support it. If you don’t yet have any past clients, can you offer a discount to a couple of people to build up a portfolio of work and feedback? Even if it’s a lower value offer to your main package, this can help you build confidence early on

  • Understand the value of what you offer: This will generally come from speaking to people, both in your market research and your past clients. You will start to see how important your work is, and the transformation it can bring about. You could also journal around the topic to help you wrap your head around the benefits and put it into words that resonate with you

  • Have a variety of price points: If you are worried that your package is too high value, could you offer a lower price point service with less features to help you get some customer’s in the door and to build up confidence in what you are doing? You could always keep your main offer the same, but when on sales calls, offer the lower tier service if it’s a better fit

Now you know the benefits of including your prices on your website and some tips to get comfortable with your pricing, I’d love to know if you have your prices showing or if you will be adding them after reading these tips?


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