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How to Connect your Website to Google Search Console

You’ve created an amazing website with a strong SEO foundation, optimized your content and images and you’re getting some traffic to your website, but still feel like you’re not getting much by way of search traffic. The thing is, it takes Google awhile to find your website, sometimes even weeks, and when it does, it needs to crawl it and index your content so it is able to show your website in search results. Read on to find out how you can speed up the process so you can start getting more traffic today!

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7 Squarespace SEO Settings to implement Right Now

Squarespace has some great features to help with optimizing your website for SEO. Implementing these 7 settings will help to set a strong SEO foundation that you can build on over time, and will help to give your website a better chance at showing at the top of Google search results. Take some time this week to start making these changes now set the foundation for your SEO

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2 Squarespace SEO Myths and their Reality

If you have a website, you have probably heard the term SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) before. It may sound scary, but I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds! Essentially, SEO is setting your website up in a way that makes it easy to be found on search engines like Google. See, not that bad! This post will help bust 2 of the main myths I see about Squarespace SEO along with giving some tips on how you can help your content to display well in search results.

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