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Jess & Michael are getting Married was the first Squarespace website I created for my Fiji wedding. When I sent out the invitations, I wanted to be able to include a little about our relationship story along with all the nitty gritty details and things to do in Fiji.

Why did you choose that template?: I was drawn to the clean design of the Aubrey template since I wanted the focus to be mostly on our story and wedding details

What was the objective of the website?: Since we had a destination wedding, I knew there was a huge amount of information that I wanted to send out to our guests. Wedding invitations can only fit so much detail though while still looking great! So what’s a girl to do? Make a wedding website, of course!

About the design process: Before starting this website in Squarespace, my only website experience was a Wordpress blog. I loved my little lifestyle blog for years, but didn’t find Wordpress to be all that user friendly, even for someone that is quite tech savvy. I wanted something quicker and easier to use, that would still look beautiful when I gave the link out to family and friends. Enter Squarespace!

I knew exactly what information I wanted to include on this website, and I knew I wanted a very clean and elegant look to it. I choose the Aubrey template, and changed it up with same fonts and colours as our wedding invitations.

Is there any custom code?: No

What are the top creative features have you used in the design?:

1 | The fonts and colour scheme match all the wedding stationary perfectly!

2| I created custom graphics with a map on THE RESORT page

3| The RSVP section was a great way to track responses from our guests and allowed us to gather details such as dietary restrictions all in one place!

Jess and Michael are getting Married Website Design. Created by Jessica Haines Design

As a fun little side note, I also created our wedding stationary. I absolutely adore how the invitations turned out!


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