IGA XPress Graphic Design

IGA Xpress custom graphic design posters for fundraiser for Aussie farmers suffering from drought. Click through to see more details and find out how I can help you with a custom graphic design project |  www.jessicahainesdesign.com

IGA X-Press is a local supermarket that has been fundraising for Australian farmers struggling with drought.

IGA X-Press was in need of some graphic design help when Samantha reached out to me. They were running a month of fundraising events to raise funds and collect donations, and needed a collection of posters to hang around the store, flyers to hand out for raffle prizes and social media graphics to raise awareness of the droughts and attract attention and support from their customers and other locals in the area.

Once we started chatting, I found out Samantha was looking for clean, eye catching designs with farming images and clear instructions on how donations could be made. I started the design process by collecting a selection of farming images for us to work with, and Samantha was able to narrow down her preferred ones.


After finalising our image choices, I built out a collection of clean, simple designs that work together in a cohesive way. The posters all followed the same style of using a colored block, text and images, with matching fonts throughout and colors sourced from the images themselves to help draw you into the photo.

After creating these designs, the posters were printed in a large format and displayed around the store to catch attention of customers. They helped to attract interest and discussion around the subject of the drought and ways we could help as a community.


Before working with Jessica, when it came to making posters and flyers, I felt overwhelmed. I was worried it would not turn out how I wanted, however it far exceeded my expectations. The bright posters brought more people to our fundraiser and I received many compliments on the posters during the fundraising period. Jessica was easy to work with and far exceeds expectations, so I’m looking forward to working with her for our next fundraiser!

Samantha Michelle, IGA Express


Over the course of the month of fundraising events, IGA X-Press was able to raise over $2400, and collect 3 full bins of donations to help support Australian farmers.


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